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09 February 2007 @ 11:43 pm
Wanted to post some recs! I haven't done so in a while and felt the sudden need.

~~Supernatural (I don't think I've done any of these yet!)

Rockabye by The Bitch Trolls
Summary:  No chick flick moments. 
Just a short story that strikes a cord in me.

Pray to God I see Headlights, by OneLittleSleep
Summary:  Dean was looking for him. Sam could see him, throwing open the back door and bellowing his name out into the neighbor’s field
This is right before Sam goes to school. I could definitely see this happen. Very good writing.

Sam gets bored on the road sometimes, by Deirdre_C
Summary: 20 things Sam Winchester is not allowed to do.
This is hilarious. I love them all but 14 made me laugh outloud.

There's Always a Maybe Sometimes, by Charli
Summary:  Sam angst. Have you ever wondered if you could change things? Have you ever hoped that sometimes would come, that maybe would disappear and that always would live on forever?
Brilliant. Everything by Charli is brilliant, but this is just... can't think of a good word but you get the point. It always makes my heart clench.

~~Stargate Atlantis

David Parrish, Bewildered Sex Object of Atlantis, by Ana_grrl
Summary: David should have seen this coming.
I really like Lorne/Parrish. Not sure why since Parrish was on for like... 5 minutes. But this is a greatly fun story.

Inhabited, by Martha Wilson
Summary: John followed the ghosts to the unexplored sectors, walked empty corridors, cold silver floor.s
This hits a kink of mine (hits a few actually) I'm a Shepwhore, and Martha Wilson is a good writer.

Goonus Americanus, by Koschka
Summary:  Rodney is molested by a goat, Major Sheppard nearly dies...per usual, and Zelenka exacts horrific revenge upon Dr. Kavanaugh. A good story with some ShepWhumping, but mostly some good Rodney and John interaction. And some fun Zelenka thrown in.


The Gamers of Ardann, by Lenore
Summary:  He'd tried to feel the gratitude she obviously expected, and felt guilty when that failed. But the past was a dark moon of memory, as if he'd appeared out of thin air, and there was nothing to measure anything against. 
John has lost his memory and is the Consort of Havvia, a rather powrful lady. Of course his team can't leave him there. Great story. Lenore is brilliant.

Hindsight, by Pru
Summary: Hindsight is a best, only 20/20
An Au where John works for the FBI and Rodney... is still Rodney. Starts off with someone trying to blow him to bits. You have to read More Than as well, it's sequel. Pru is a wonderful writer whose stories should be read by everyone.



Moving On, by Astolat
Summary:  What you do when there are no more worlds to conquer?
This is perfect. It's very funny, and Astolat portrayed a wonderful Lex. Absolutely great read!

Well, I am rather impressed by the amount I was able to do. Hopefully I will do better, and I'm definitely thinking of making a long, much more comprehensive page of my recs. My site certainly isn't being updated enough.

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03 August 2006 @ 12:20 am

Title - Time Crumbles Things
By - Sage Jackson

Description – Sam knew he was going to die since he was 5.


Don’t really know where this came from. The idea of Sam knowing more and not saying anything just kind of sticks me as canon. A few people have written this idea and I’ve loved them all, though they drive me nuts because they never feel resolved. So of course I have to go and do what I hate.


I hope you enjoy!!!!




The fear of death is more to be dreaded than death itself.

Publilius Syrus (~100 BC)




Sam crumbled the fortune cookie absently in his left hand, staring blanking at the small slip of paper in the right. The words on it made him laugh


“You will live a long and prosperous life.”


The chances of that were small to nil. He wondered absently if someone terminally ill had ever received that fortune, and what they had thought and felt upon reading those words. Probably similar to what he was feeling. A feeling of almost incredulous disdain, to be confronted with such a lie. It was almost funny.


“What?” Dean looked at him across the table, his own fortune cookie long gone, inhaled in a matter of seconds. It was a wonder the fortune itself had managed to escape at all.


“Sam? What?” Dean asked more insistently, a look on impatience on his face.


Dean was not the type to bare his soul. Sam knew that; had always known that. Dean did not believe in sitting and expressing ones own feelings. In a heart to heart. Emotions were simply not Dean’s forte, and Sam never truly begrudged him that. Well, most of the time; every once in a while it would be nice to freakin talk, but generally Sam didn’t like the idea of making Dean go against his nature. Besides, it’s not as if he was an open book about things he found private, so he couldn’t fairly expect conversation simply because he wished to broach the subject.


Oh, it wasn’t that Dean didn’t care. As much as he’d BS about no “chick flick moments”, he was always to first to ask if Sam was okay. There was no doubt he cared. Likely too much. It scared Sam sometimes how much Dean placed Sam’s life above his own. It was at moments were Dean placed himself in-between Sam and the attacking monster-of-the-weak that Sam truly hated his father; hated him for conditioning Dean to hold his life in such little value.


And it was for that very reason that Sam never told Dean that he’d had visions of his own death since he was 5.


They had always been darkness, penetrated by flashes of pain, blood and fire. They woke him up with a violent start in the middle of the night, heart pounding and lungs searching for air. There would be so much terror that he would find himself immobilized, unable to move, to think. He would remain there until Dean’s internal alarm would go off and the older boy would slip over to investigate, holding the younger boy in his arms and eventually drifting off in Sam’s bed. It was soothing sounds of Dean’s heavy breathing that would eventually allow the small boy to drift off.


The dreams had disappeared slightly when he had gotten older, almost completely when Sam had run off to school, but reappeared again after Max. He was unsure if it was because his powers were coming online again and stronger, or if it was just getting closer to the intended date. Perhaps he had simply just accepted that the visions were apart of him, that he needs to know what they were telling him, warning him. The more he had craved to know, the more the visions had revealed, little by little.


He had always known that he would be consumed by the fire. It never occurred to him to doubt it, even when he didn’t understand what he would see in the darkness of night, as he did now. From the very beginning he had sensed that if it didn’t get him, it would destroy his family. Destroy Dean. And that was simply unacceptable. For as much as Dean attempted to protect him, it was simply a delaying tactic for the eventual day where Sam would finally be able to protect his older brother. And he would do it, no doubts.


But he could not deny the fear he felt in his heart. Some likely the basic fear of death, of ceasing to exist, but he had long gotten over feeling any shame about that, it was simply a fact of life for him now. No, what stayed with him was the fear for his family. As much as he argued with his father, he knew his death, or whatever he wanted to call it, would hurt the old man. But his father was strong, and most importantly stubborn, and John would likely simply immerse himself in the hunt again. Not exactly healthy, but at least a coping technique of sorts.


Dean though… Dean’s reaction frightened him. Sam’s death would wound him in places that were buried deep inside the older brother, and he couldn’t help feeling a vague horror that those wounds would never heal. That the active, brilliant, obnoxious man would be permanently crippled, and never take advantage of the life that Sam was willing to die for in order to give him.


This had replaced Sam’s nightmares, and like a hot poker, needled him during the day.


He needed to talk to Dean, to make sure Dean would survive and move on. But how in the hell did be broach a subject like that? Mostly without giving away exactly why the subject was appearing in the first place. If Dean every found out Sam’s intention… well, lets just say that he wouldn’t have the worry about the fire anymore. He would never be allowed outside the Impala again. He would be chained to the front seat, or Dean’s right foot. Dean would sit reading a magazine while he showered; give him a personal escort to the bathroom. A bodyguard-




Sam blinked and looked up, meeting Dean’s intent gaze. With a slight start, he remembered he was still sitting in the Chinese restaurant, fingering the fortune.


Dean was leaning forward, one hand clutching Sam’s left. And in his gaze was a glint of concern, just hinting at the unweilding devotion he held for his younger brother. And all thoughts of even attempting to talk to him fled Sam’s mind. Perhaps Sam’s death would cripple Dean, but that was still better than death.


“What? Sorry Dean.” He zeros in on the egg roll on Dean’s plate. “Do you know how much grease in on that?”


Dean immediately leaned back, an obnoxious smirk crossing over his face. He reached down and very very slowly picked up the egg roll, before stuffing the entire thing in his mouth. Bits fell out and spittle flew as Dean opened his mouth to display the partially eaten food.


“You are such a dick Dean.” Sam rolled his eyes in disgust.




Sam guessed he couldn’t complain about Dean’s devotion to him, because he was just as devoted to his older brother.


Must not all things at the last be swallowed up in death?

Plato (427 bc - 347 bc)


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I've come to realize that I always seem to like the lesser prefered character. Which is frusterating as heck when reading fanfiction because of course I want to read stories centralizing on the character I like the most. Sigh. (And it's not to say I don't like the other character in the pairing, I just happen to prefer the one that I prefer)

I like Fraser over RayK in dueSouth. Sheppard of Mckay in Stargate Atlantis (I REALLY wish there were more good Sheppard fics!!!!). Sirius over... just about anyone in Harry Potter. Duncan over Methos in Highlander (though I'm not always sure why) Clark over Lex in Smallville (though this might just be because it's kinda annoying have a main character be freakin invincible. Cuts down on a lot of potential) Mulder over Krycek in X-Files. Charlie of Don in Numb3rs (but this might just be because people write Charlie as such a pathetic character that I can't really enjoy those fics) and so on.

Of course, I bet a bunch of people are reading this, liking the character that I don't like as much and thinking the exact same thing I am. Maybe we're both just finding fic in the wrong place. ^^""

Right right, enjoy!


Diagnosis;Wilson - by L.M. Griffin (House/Wilson)
Summary: Wilson gets more than he bargained for when he lets the ducklings diagnosis him.


In Stitches - by KMS! (none)
Summary: 'No Labor on Labor Day' Fluff. Quiet Day for the family of Serenity.

Stargate Atlantis

Guarding the Sheppard - by Kidwrangler (none)
Summary: Sheppard investigates a series of seemingly unrelated accidents in Atlantis.

Teacher's Pet - by Jenn (none)
Summary: Sheppard turns into an eight year old boy

Love and Marriage - by Camelot
Summary: "I'm pretty much left with you as the only reasonable person to assume the mantle of protecting my mind in perpetuity. So we should get married before I'm speared to death by some alien with rudimentary weapons and statistically improbable aim."

Teamwork - by Magus Minor (John/Rodney)
Summary: There is an Earth where things have turned out a little differently, and the people who go to Atlantis aren't quite the ones we know.Lesser AU.

The Hostage Major - by Frostfire (John/Rodney)
Summary: AU. "You can't just--kidnap people if there about to do something you don't want them to do!" Harlequin Novel Challenge.

The Sentinel

I'm gonna cheat a little and just post two links. Both of them have wonderful stories (Mostly Gen)

Light My Fire Awards!

Rewards for The Sentinel Fanfiction. If you go to the nominee list, there are a ton of stories from a bunch of different categories that are really good!

Arnie's Stories
These are (obviously) stories by Arnie. While they're all in the same universe, each is also (mostly) a story in itself, often with different pretexts. I admit, I just love how obsessive Jim gets in his determination to catch Blair, who isn't always so willing. While at times it doesn't seem it, the stories are Gen.
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Weee, wanna get rid of some of my manga! So if anyone wants to buy them, please just reply or email me! (Sagejackson7@yahoo.com) I'll list prices, but am probably up for deals, mostly if someone buys more than one!

There is a possibility something will be sold! Sorry!

(I will preferably go through paypall, but I will work with you. However, I must recieve payment before I will send the merchandise out) We'll work out shipping depending on where you live.

Many of them are of YAOI content, so please pay attention!!!

Alrighty, the list!!!

Probably all singles will be between $3-5.


Cantarella 1, by You Higuri

Bakumatsu Seisyun Hanafubuki 1-2 (C)(I believe), by Hana Fubuki ($6)

Epotoransu! Mai 1-2 (C), by Yuu Watase ($6)

Fake 1-7 (C), by Matou Sanami ($35)

Gravitation 1-3, by Maki Murakami ($20)

Kizuna 1-8, by Kodaya Kazuma ($40)

Kohri no Mamono no Monogatari 1-4, by Sugiura Shiho ($25)

Legal Drug 1-2, by CLAMP ($7)

Love Mode 1-10, by Yuki Shimizu ($40)

Pet shop of Horror 1, by Matsuri Akino

Punch Drunk Babies 1-3, by Hiiro Reiichi ($20)

Ramen Ikaga! 1 (C), by You Higuri

Sakende Yaruze! 1, by Satosumi Takaguchi

Tokyou Crazy Paradise 1-19 (C), by Yoshiki Nakamura ($70)

Yami no Matsuei 1-11, by Matsushita Yoko ($40)


Battle Vixens 1, by Yuji Shiozaki

Crazy Love Story 1, by Lee Vin

Cross 1, by Sumiko Amakawa

Culdcept 1-2, by Shinya kaneko ($7)

Dark Edge 1, by Yu Aikawa

Evil's Return 1, by Hwan Shin and Jong-Kyu Lee

Immortal Rain 5, by kaori Ozaki

Mouryou Kiden 1, by Tamayo Akiyama

One 1-5, by Lee Vin ($25)

Quantu Mistake 1, by Som Eun-ho and Choi Myung-su

Queen's Knight 1, by Kim Kang Won

Red River 1-3, by Chie Shinohara ($15)

Shaolin Sisters 1-3 5, by Toshiki Hirano and Narumi Kakinouchi ($20)

Shutter Box 1, by Rikki Simmons and Tavisha

Sister Red 1-2, by Shizuru Hayashiya ($7)

Warrior of Tao 1, by Shinya Kuwahara

Wild Act 1-3 5-8, by Rie Takada ($45)

I also have some doujinshi if anyones interested. But I don't have a scanner, so I'm not going to post them unless someones specifically interested.
I have some Saiyuki, Harry Potter, Hikaru no Go, and a couple others)

AGAIN! my email is - Sagejackson7@yahoo.com

Well, I hope some people are interested! Thanks!
25 March 2006 @ 12:00 am

The Unquantifiable Variable, by BeckyS (none)
Summary: Can Don do his job when one of the hostages he has to rescue is his brother? A case story in 8 chapters plus an epilogue, with multiple posts per chapter.
I like Charlie getting into trouble, though a lot of people portray him in a rather pathetic manner. Drives me batty; he's niave and all, but he's not a pathetic wimp (insert eye rolling)

Encryptions, by N'Kala (none)
Summary: A simple consulting case turns into a matter of life and death for Charlie and Don.
I'm surprised there hasn't been an episode somewhat like this yet. Obviously tonned down, but where Charlie's "Powers" are used for bad. Maybe someday ^.^

Stargate: Atlantis

He's having His Baby, by Glitterati (Sheppard/McKay)
Summary: (actually a quote) John and Carson spend a lot of time staring and bitching and repeating tests because (a) this is physically impossible, (b) it's a less bloody alternative to letting John out of the infirmary so he can go to MX45780 and burn down the entire planet, and (c) John was having a really embarrassing panic attack and between the vomiting and punching walls, he wasn't in the mood to deal with the rest of Atlantis.
This was hilarious!!!!!!! I love John Sheppard (though there's no one I really wanna slash him with, Mckay seems to be the most popular) And the way Glitterati writes it is just wonderful. Wonderful gift with written wit. Probably my fav SGA fanfic.
23 March 2006 @ 08:28 pm
A couple of recs of misc proportions. Just for the joy of others, if they should so please. What can I say, I'm a philanthropist.
I'm so very bad about updating the recs on my page, so maybe I'll be better here =^.^=


Gentle Implosion, by Elynross (House/Wilson)
Summary: Cute little relationship

Pain, by Gena Fisher (House/Wilson)
Summary: House experiences pain.

Infectious Personalities
, by Katling (House/Wilson)
Summary: House faces two challenges. A strange new case involving a rather horrifying set of symptoms and a change in direction in his relationship with Wilson.
Hehe, this one was fun.


Tetchy, by Debchan (Jayne/Simon)
Summary: Declarations of war, escalating hostilities and peace treaties.
This one is really fun, I'm not normally a Jayne/Simon fan, but I can't help but love this story! Very funny!

Doctor's Care, by Queenb (Jayne/Simon/Mal)
Summary: Mal and Jayne are Sick. Simon gives them his own brand of loving care
No worries if your squicky about threesomes, no real sex other than making out (That I remember ^^"") but it's funny. Go Simon! Put those stubborn boys into place!

The Dead Zone

Dirigo, by Speranza (Johnny/Walt, Johnny/Sarah,  Walt/Johnny/Sarah)
Summary: "You mean that sometimes people have sex when they shouldn't? Gee I don't believe that."
I love The Dead Zone fanfiction, mostly Walt/Johnny, but there's like no fanfiction, which is very sad. People need to write more! (I love Johnny's personalitiy; there's always just a touch of humor) This ones kind of serious, but good. Actually, all of Speranza is great, my other favorite one is The Big Picture
And while I didn't say it, technically Walt/Sarah, it's just not very direct.

Family Portrait, by Dira Sudis (Johnny/Walt/Sarah)
Summary: It was nothing like the way you actually felt when you watched home movies.
I kinda felt like I was having the visions myself in this, because the writting was very "scene flash scene" (If you understand that, good for you) Poor Johnny's stressed. Ah! Some violence against children, so beware.

The Definition of Stupid, by Tangerine (Johnny/Walt, Johnny/Walt/Sarah implied)
Summary: Johnny and Walt, stuck in a box
HA! this one was funny!
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02 January 2006 @ 07:36 pm
Anyone who thinks Iraq is totally righteous, look at these pictures. And don't even think about responding that some sacrifices must be made or any of that bullshit. If these people were anyone you knew, you wouldn't even think about being that insensitive

WARNING!!!! Pictures can be explicit and gruesome

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08 September 2005 @ 09:30 pm
Not much of an intro needed, being as most everyone knows of the tragedy in the gulf.

So was listening to Talk of the Nation, which was on KQED (i believe) right after Bush's address today (I missed most of it, getting ready for school, and moving my brothers car so that I could get my own out... bleh) And they were talking about the two actions Bush inteded to take. One, to make services, such as medicar, childcare etc. easier to get for those who needed it and are unable to due to having to leave their homes and more importantly, their state (that stuff goes state by state)

The other was to give debit cards worth $2,000 to the victims, for basic food supply etc. Which is great by some extents, ignoring the fact that most people can't live for a month on that amount, mostly those with a family and children. But more urgently, the main way they can get them is to either go to an internet site or call a 800 number... which is a little pathetic, being as if they are unable to get basic needs, such as food and water, how are they very well going to be able to get a computer or a phone?

As well, considering how very unorganized things seem to be, how will they even know? I heard it on the radio, but since most victims are living on little pull out beds and not much else, I doubt they have any access to news media and such...

Just seems like so much of the effort is being wasted because no one seems to know what's going on! Help is getting lost on the way, not knowing where to go. There was a mayor on the show, from a town in Mississipi that got very badly hit, said that he hadn't seen a FEMA person the entire time....

On the bright side, my MCOM teacher said that there's been 350 billion dollars raised from the american people, which is great! Than he said that amount wouldn't probably rebuild San jose, let alone the area that Katrina trashed.

A Japanese student said there was a typhon in Japan that was of the same magnitude of Katrina, and only like 19 people died. Some of it had to do with their superior structure system, some with other factors (he had a really strong accent, so hard to understand him being I was on the otherside of the room)

So why did their natural disaster of the same magnitude not seem to hurt them nearly as much? I will have to research that more, for that's interesting. Not that I by any means think it's totally odd that america has a faulty system, but for we seem to screw up at every turn, but still interesting to see how different they are.

p.s. On a pathetically perky note after talking about depressing things, I watched the TV show "Dead like me" for the first time. It's pretty good! I liked it a lot, and the main girls sense of sarcastic humour's really funny ^^""

Fanfiction recs of the message is:

Cold fire series:

Hath no Man, by Shalott

Smallville: (big shock ^^"")

Somewhere I have never traveled, by Jenn (Lex/Clark)(Series)

I may have rec'd the smallville before, but so worth the read, so whatever!
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03 May 2005 @ 08:34 pm
Well, I'm obsessed with Smallville now. Have I mentioned that? Well, to my friends, probably only like a thousand times. But I finally got off my lazy fanfiction butt and wrote a fanfiction for it. I have so many stories in the working, but there all long, so will probably take me forever. Here's a silly little short one. Nothing great, just a little fun at Lionel's expense.

Rating it pg-13 just because I'm not very good at ratings and there's some making out at the end. Nothing explicit, but still... oh hell, I don't know. Read and If I'm totally off I'll change it.

Center of the Sun
By Sage Jackson


"Hey Le-" Clark froze in the doorway, mouth still forming the x. His fingers curled against the doorway, nail dragging against the wood as a surge of anxiety rushed through his stomach.

Sprawled across Lex's couch lay Lionel, head tilted back as he slept. The billionaire smacked his mouth before soft snores rumbled from his parted lips. On his belly, his hands were laced loosely, one long pinky twitching every couple of seconds. Even asleep, his clothes were neat and pressed, his presence commanding. It was pathetic, Clark sighed to himself, that even that out cold on the couch in such an undignified position, Lionel still managed to scare the shit out of him.

Now logically, Clark his known Lionel was staying at Lex's castle, with his recent affliction of blindness. If it wasn't the obvious physical presence of the man, certainly the recent strain that Lex had been exhibiting, snapping at everyone from Gabe Sullivan to Clark, erased any doubt. Clark had taken to treading lightly in Lex's presence, and, to his shame, avoiding the castle outright. He would like to tell himself he was trying to give his friend space, but in reality he knew that he just didn't want to be within a 100 ft radius of Lionel Luthor. A ping of shame shot through his chest. He knew Lex had a horrible relationship with his father, and it was wrong that he abandoned Lex to deal with it on his own.

Clark gazed down at Lionel, eyes narrowing in sudden ire. That man was suppose to be Lex's father! He shouldn't be hurting his son this much! He should be protecting him! Whenever Clark was around Lionel, especially when the old man was interacting with Lex, did he realize how lucky he was too be found be the Kents. Imagine how messed up he'd be if Lionel had taken him in? That kind of parental figure mixed with his power would never end up with a happy ending. Clark tilted his head, sweet thoughts of revenge singing ideas in his head. He walked over to Lex' s desk and fingered the small box of rubber bands that always sat in the corner. "You never know when things will start falling apart. Some people have tools, others have tape; rubber bands work out the best for me." Lex smirked, flicking one at Clark's face and only missing by a few inches.

Did he dare? If Lionel ever figured out what he was contemplating doing, wow, Clark didn't even want to think what would be done to him. A shiver ran through his figure. Maybe he enjoyed life too much to throw it away for a little revenge. But than a flash of Lex's distressed face, expression closed and lips pulled tight, the scar pure white against his already pale skin. Clark's jaw clenched. Lex was worth it, he knew that. Lex was worth anything. He had known that since almost the day he meet his rich friend, though it had taken another year to realize that his feelings went a little deeper than that. How could he truly claim he loved Lex if he wasn't able to protect him?

He reached forward and tugged two rubber bands out, snapping them between his fingers. A smirk started to grow on his face, looking quite out of place in his normally angelic features. He would probably regret it, would probably wish the thought had never entered his head, he had never seen Lionel sleeping. But nothing can be gained if nothing is ventured. Right... he'd just have to keep telling himself that.


"Lex!" Clark yelled, bounding out of the house, a bright smile lighting up his face.

Lex looked up at the cry, dropping his hand from where it had been wearily rubbing his scalp. He tried to pull up a smile, but it came out more a pained grimace as he drudged up the steps to the castle front door. It's not that he didn't appreciate Clark's bouncy reception, he was just too tired to truly care. The plant was running in overdrive as there seemed to be a flu epidemic running it course through the workers, and home was certainly no relief, his father circling and preying on every moment of weakness. At the moment he just wanted to go lock himself in his room and take a long, quiet nap. But no matter what, he could never send Clark away, whatever the reason.

He sighed and gave a tired smile. "Hello Clark, have you been here long?"

Clark shrugged. "No, only about 20 minutes."

Lex nodded. "Keep yourself sufficiently entertained?"

If Lex had been a little less tired, he may have questioned Clark's sudden nervous twitching. But at the moment he wasn't in the mood to ferret out anymore of Clark's secrets.

Than Clark smiled just a little too engagingly and Lex felt his eyes narrow in suspicion. Maybe he should be worried, for while Clark lied, and badly so at times, he usually didn't try to charm his way out of it. It usually contained stuttering and a huge blush. The object of his pursual seemed to notice his sudden attention and started sidling towards the steps, one hand reaching up to tug on one ear.

Clark was starting to wish he had superspeed away instead of greeting Lex. His older friend did not seem to be in a good mood, and would perhaps not appreciate Clark's... special brand of revenge. Maybe it was time for him to leave. Quickly.

"Ah, well, I just wanted to say hi, I mean, you look rather tired, so uh... maybe I should go, and let you -"

"Ah! Lex, you're home!" A voice boomed from within the castle.

"Like now." Clark finished, legs tensing to run.

Lex turned to greet his father. And than paused. And stared. And gapped. His mouth and eyes widened to comical proportions. Clark cringed. His escape seemed to be twarted. Oh well, nothing left to do but enjoy it. It might be the last time he enjoyed anything for a while.

"Lex? Lex, you're late. Why didn't you answer when I called you?" Lionel walked closer, one hand trailing against the frame of the door and he cocked his head in silent question.

Lex actually took a step back from his father, mouth gapping like a fish.

"Lex? Damn it, answer me!" Lionel scowled, bracing his hands on his hips and glowering.

Of course, the scowl was just slightly offset by the two perky braids that stuck out from each side of his head. They were done loosely (no way in hell did Clark want Lionel to wake up mid-braiding) and the one on the right curled up until the tip was about an inch away from brushing against his ear. In a moment of festivity, Clark had inserted a small pink ribbon into one of the braids and the end dangled and danced with every movement Lionel made.

"D-dad!" Lex squeaked, left hand twitching as if to grab the ribbon, before the energy seemed to deflate and the hand fell back to his side.

Lionel tilted his head again, eyebrows furrowing in confusion at the silence. One foot started tapping against the cement in impatience.

Sudden hysteria overwhelmed Clark, and a snort shot out before he could stop it. Both hands rushed up in an effort to cover his mouth, but it was too late. Snickers continued to leak out no matter how tight he clutched. Lex shot him a warning glance, but to Clark's joy there was a slight quirk to his lips. He snapped his head away, so that he wasn't looking at Clark's dancing eyes anymore.

"What Lex?" Lionel snarled.

"Well, D-Dad. I just... um, a fly." Lex grimaced at his pathetic excuse, but the effort to hold in his laughter made it hard for his brain to work.

"A... Fly." Lionel repeated.

"Yeah Dad. You know, um, why don't you wait for me in my office, and I'll be right there. In a minute. There... the office that is." Lex started coughing frantically to cover the snickers that Clark didn't seem to be able to contain. Oh man, the expression on his face.

Lionel face clouded with suspicion and confusion, before he gave a curt nod and started negotiating his way back in the house, braids bouncing with each step.

There was a moment of absolute silence as the two watched the retreating figure. Than Clark looked over and met Lex's eyes. One twinkle of those blue-gray eyes and laughter burst out. Both humor and relief cursed through the tall teenager, and he felt his knees give about as he was finally able to release all that contained energy.

"Oh god Lex, you're expression! It was priceless!" he chuckled.

Lex was laughing just as hard, though he tried to contain it. "I can't believe you did that Clark. My father's going to crucify you when he figures it out."

"Well, maybe he'll think some random kid decided to play a prank."

"By breaking into my house, braiding his hair, and adding a pretty little pink ribbon to it? What would they be exactly? A hit and run braider?"

Clark burst out into more laughter. "I'm sorry Lex, but he was asleep on the couch, and was position in just the right way. I mean, well, he deserved it." he shrugged.

Lex stared at him for a long time, than smiled softly. "Thank you Clark."

A blush rushed up Clark's cheeks and he ducked his head shyly. "Yeah."

"Now you should probably get out of here before his hand happens to go above his neck and he notices."

Clark suddenly cringed. "I'm sorry Lex, I don't want you to get in trouble, I just wanted to make you smile."

Lex reached out and gently clasped Clark's shoulder. "And don't worry, it was very much worth any consequences." he looked around vaguely. "If only I had a camera. Now get home."

Clark nodded, and started to walk away, before pausing. It was as good of time as any. Nothing to loose right? The braids had worked out, so maybe now confessing his feelings would. He was high on the success didn't think he'd ever get the courage again. With a deep centering sigh, he turned around and advanced on the startled Lex. "Clark, wha-?"

He leaned down and gently pressed his lips against Lex's, only staying long enough to get a taste that left him wanting for more. He gave a little lick as he pulled back and smiled at the befuddled expression on his friends face. He ran a gently hand over Lex's bald head and tugged on the left ear, pincing gently. Lex's breath caught, and he blinked rapidly a couple of times.

"Just something to think about." Clark whispered, unsure whether his voice would actually survive the strain of speaking in normal tones.

He smiled, struggling to appear confident and he straightened up and turned to walk away. A hand grabbed his arm and spun him around, sending him stumbling back against Lex's silver ferrari. A lithe body pressed urgently against his own and two hands yanked him down, fingers clenching in soft brown hair. Lips pressed against his own, mouth moving eagerly. Startled, Clark's mouth fell open under the pressure, and a tongue slipped in, brushing softly over his own. Lex pulled back just a bit to nibble at the full bottom lip and Clark gasped, pleasure shooting through through his body. Gently, the smaller body undulated against him, and Clark jerked back in response, his hands reaching down to gently cup the flexing butt. Oh wow, he was touching Lex's butt. He didn't ever think he'd be able to do that, or that it would be so sexy. He, Sexy Lexy's butt. Oh god, from now on his brain was not allowed to think while Lex and his skilled lips and sexy butt were near by.

Lex finally pulled away and rested his forehead against Clark's shoulder, gasping frantically for oxygen. Clark, rather agreeing with that need, leaned back against the car and clutched at Lex's back. When he finally got some of his air back again, he pressed his lips against the delicate skull in front of him and breathed deeply. He didn't think he'd ever get tired of Lex's smell, or the feelings of arousal and pleasure that it incited.

"That's something I've been thinking about for a long time." Lex said suddenly, breaking the silence.

Clark couldn't help but smile, his lips curving against Lex's skull. "I'm happy to hear that."

"Indeed. You're coming back tonight at eight." He commanded.

Clark nodded and stepped back, giving a snappy salute. "I'll be happy to." He gave another peck to Lex's lips and didn't leave for another couple of minutes. Lex started to climb back up his body and Clark was more than happy to let him. He was being pressed awkwardly back against the ferrari's hood, the windshield whipper digging into his shoulder, and he couldn't be happier.

Reality set in when he happened to open his eyes and see Lionel standing in the window. For one horrifying, terror filled second, he forgot that the man was blind and his heart absolutely stopped. Lex whinned in protest and tried to recapture his mouth, eyelids fluttering over dazed lust filled eyes.

"Ah Lex, believe me." Lex caught him for a couple of seconds, and Clark submitted easily, before breaking away. "Lex, Lex! You're dad!"

Lex twitched. "For future reference Clark, never say that while we're in any way touching again. Those are the kind of association I don't want."

Clark snickered. "Sorry, sorry. But you said you'd meet him in your office, and it's been quite some time. I'm sure he's getting suspicious. And I have to get home for dinner."

Lex scowled.

"I'l be back at eight."

Sulking, Lex pulled away, giving his body a shake. He straightened his clothes and stood upright, looking the dignified businessman again. "Promise?"

A warm feeling of pleasure drifted through Clark's body at the plantitive way Lex asked, and the fact that he was allowing himself to appear vulnerable in front of Clark. This was something no one else was allowed to see.

"I promise." He leaned forward to give him a goodbye kiss, and than paused, redirecting his lips to meet with Lex's cheek instead. Lex arched his head against the pressure before turning away sharply and heading for the house at a sharp clip.

"See you Lex." Clark called to the retreating back, and Lex nodded in response.

He couldn't help but giggle a little at Lex's attempts to reclaim his dignity after the moment of vulnerability. It was just so cute! Not that he would ever tell Lex that. It would just remain his little secret. Unable to restrain it, a smile lite his face the entire way home.

Lex glanced through the crack of his front door and he slid it shut and smirked slightly.

"I'll be waiting." he whispered, than shut the door.
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